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Product Development

Conceptualize, develop and maintain your SaaS (software as a service) cloud based products with our development solutions. We are currently working with more than 5 enterprise products for our clients in India and United Kingdom. Reuse Java, Python, React, Node and Mean Stack for developing SaaS products.

Software development

End to end customized software solutions which include software systems, e-commerce online shopping websites, mobile/ web applications, customized business solutions, systems integration. Our agile software development practices ensure guaranteed results.

Payment Gateway Solutions

Our team, has developed many secure, comprehensive and cost effective payment gateways, pay ways and POS payment collection systems. We develop payment apps, execute payment gateway integrations and other online payment solutions that let online websites, companies and e-businesses accept bank transfers, debit and credit card payments with ease.

UI/UX Solutions

Our user interface (UI) & user experience (UX) design services focus on building easy to use software systems, consumer facing platforms, websites and other products. A well-designed software product using UI/ UX, makes all tasks related to the product and other related offline work much easier. For example- a well-designed e-commerce website, increases traffic, sales and customer loyalty.

Our Achievement

6 years




2000 man months




Our Products


This web application was built for the company in Mumbai who deals in Fire & Security related development of company / building basement & warehouse.Our web App was billing and Stock management app with several features to maintain records of cost and expenditure in in real time basis.

Some Silent Features
  • Stock Management
  • Purchase Order
  • Delivery Challan
  • Stock At Site
  • Contracts
  • Tax Details
  • Quotations
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Manufacturing Management Software

Project to maintain and manage the complete process of each CPU from Lead Generation to Deployment system is used following users
Clients: To upload Requirements
Supervisor: to accept and create contracts,and to assign suitable material required to be dispatched by stock manager.also to monitor the whole development process
Technician : receives products from stock manager Assembles And updates in the System & also tests the controller for any error or bugs.
Stock manager : Manages Stock Assigns Stock, Add Stock.Removes Stocks, Maintains Finished Products.
Stock : Manages and Assigns Stock keeps record of total stock utilization and stock pending through his Dashboard.
IC-Stock : Stock of ic is managed separately by Integrated Control Manufacture Company.

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There are Three Apps, IOS+Android.The App consist of Promoter app + Supervisor App + Team Leader + Manger App + Dashboard to Add Update and Manage Promoter.Promoter App : To Update sales, Check new Offers, Check monthly Target, Add Attendance and Add Planogram
Team Leader : To mage promoters, Check Attendance, check daily sales of each promoter, brand sub-brand
Manager App : Manage Team Leader, To mage promoters, Check Attendance, check daily sales of each promoter, brand sub-brand, City in graphical and tabular form.
Admin Dashboard : To manage data, Promoter add, Update and delete promoter,team leader and manager.

Stock Management & Warehouse sales App

Stock management mobile app and web app, developed to create clients, set ware house, also to manage and assign stock to clients.stock gets automatically deducted from go down. The app is used by stock manager to assign stock to clients when ever new requirements arrives.

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Restaurant Billing Softwares

The Hotel Billing Software is a typical billing Software which can be connected to Thermal Printer,and used from any where.It also Provides MIS Report of each day/week/ Months And total sails as per the quantity sold.

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Exhibition Portal

The Company Organised Exhibition world wide,but as it is under NDA we cannot share the name,we have created a portal where visitors and exhibitionist can book tickets and pass. the visitors will get a ticket once they get registered with bar code name and other details.The Exhibitionist can register their logo, business and other details which will be used to create booklet.The Portal showed when the Exhibition is going to happen where the venue is how to reach nearby hotels. Google mapsReal time Temperature Monitoring And Much more

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Billing Software & App

This Our Company's Product, we call it Sub Office, the Sub Office was designed to cater Service Sector Business Needs Specially SME Business,it has Several Features but most interesting are the Contracts which can be created and Tracked, as when the services are coming, assigned services to technicians.
The Technicians Gets An app to find the clients to be served, also the Technician takes signature on the app of clients to whom he serves.
This helps in maintaining Job Card.Invoices, Quotations with tax collected , pending amount featuresLead managementReports for tax, stock used, services and many more things can be maintained easily with this Web App.
We have sold more than 100 service industry so far.

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